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if this isn’t at the end of TASM, I will probably cry



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This is disgusting. I love it.

I can just imagine his wife yelling at him “YOU COCKY LITTLE SHIT!”

Is he wearing a blazer over a leather jacket?

hahahahahhaa. he is. new style. catch on guys.

He probably showed up and the awards people were like “Mr Downey, this is a formal event. I’m afraid that we cannot allow you in unless you put this on” so RDJ nods, takes the blazer that they give him, and looks them dead in the eyes as he puts it on OVERTOP OF HIS JACKET and smirks as he swaggers through the door.

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Remember who you are


the best part of this, though, is that steve waits until he’s saved the world to do it - like, he’s completed *his* mission, and now he can lay down and die, can let bucky kill him if necessary, because even if he’s saved the world (again!), he doesn’t want to live in it without bucky again (lbr, he didn’t want to do it the first time- there is not a significant passage of time between bucky falling from that train and steve refusing to eject from the valkyrie - i don’t think it’s a conscious suicide attempt, but he’s certainly not invested in getting out alive, and nothing that’s happened to him since has really ameliorated that; steve’s always been reckless, but his recklessness has a death-wishy edge to it post-bucky’s death), not now that he knows bucky’s alive. he’s already admitted he doesn’t know how to be happy in this brave new world, every certainty he had has been shaken, and then he discovers that his best friend - whose death he carried - suffered a fate worse than death, because if you’re dead they can’t kill you over and over again by turning you into a thing to be used, a weapon to be aimed and fired and then put away until the next time, and steve blames himself for that, for the fact that even after he grew eight inches and a hundred pounds, he still wasn’t good enough, strong enough to save bucky. but here it’s not physical strength that saves him, but love, because steve’s heart has always been his strongest muscle.

holy shit i am crying

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